Help Wanted

STARZ Performing Arts Academy is looking for talented and professional Instructors!

• Part Time • Experience Required • Energetic, Postive attitudes only • Must love children 


Dance/Performing Arts Instructor



• Organizes and implements safe, fun and entertaining classes for children between the ages of 2 1/2 and 18 years
• Responsible for planning and instructing dance or music classes that emphasize technique, learning, and fun for students

• Demonstrates appropriate level of skills and knowledge of the dance/music style being taught

• Teaches skills at an age-appropriate level to ensure class objectives are met

• Identify the individual needs of students and adapt instruction to ensure each student's success

• Clearly communicate each student's progress to parents

• Demonstrate positive attitude and actions through a display of courtesy, service, cooperation, hospitality, sensitivity, and professionalism to customers in and out of the studio

• Comply with all safety rules


• 6 months to 1 year of experience teaching or coaching similar programs or activities with children

• Excellent customer service skills, energetic, enthusiastic, motivational

• Ability to build relationships with students and their families

• Ability to resolve conflicts in a professional, tactful manner

• Firmly but tactfully enforce STARZ Performing Arts Academy's policies and procedures - ability to multi-task and learn quickly - Excellent time management and organizational skills

If you have talent and drive, please contact us @ (304)910-9647 or to schedule an interview.