CLI Studios

STARZ Performing Arts Academy is now one of only 250 dance academies in the world in partnership with CLI Studios. The new CLI Studios Partnership Program allows our students to study with LA's top choreographers through live streaming and pre-recorded Master Classes at STARZ. The program currently includes classes from more than 100 top Instructors & Choreographers, including Brian Friedman, Allison Holker, Twitch, Caitlin Kinney, Teddy Forance, and many more!
For a complete list of CLI Studios Choreographers, CLICK HERE

STARZ is proud to be the first dance academy in the state of West Virginia to partner with CLI Studios, offering our students the exclusive opportunity to learn and grow from some of the most sought-after Instructors & Choreographers in the world right here at home. 

STARZ Owner/ Artistic Director, Gabrielle Massie, STARZ Tutu Academy Instructor, Arissa Anderson, & STARZ Acrobatic Academy Instructor, Morgan Raskosky, are all CLI Studios Certified Instructors. STARZ Instructors/Choreographers, Maddi Jackson & Morgan Raskosky are CLI Studios Trainees.