Starz Acrobatic Academy

certified by acrobatic arts

STARZ Performing Arts Academy is an Acrobatic Arts Certified Academy. The internationally recognized Acrobatic Arts Teacher Training and Certification Program is designed to teach dance educators how to safely and effectively instruct AcroDance in the dance studio. Instructors are required to complete many hours of training, and learn how to spot effectively & safely in order to become certified. STARZ Instructor, Morgan Raskosky, is an Acrobatic Arts Certified Instructor.

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certified by Acro dance teacher's association

The STARZ Acrobatic Academy Curriculum was designed with the dancer in mind. Offering safe, effective technique practices & knowledge, STARZ Acrobatic Academy is the only Certified Acro program in the area. STARZ Instructor/ Choreographer, Morgan Raskosky, is an Acro Dance Adjudicator: Certified Founding Member of the Acro Dance Teacher's Association. 

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